Working at Syntese

If you are interested in job at Syntese A/S or Ferring Pharmaceuticals, please, visit: Job Openings Worldwide

Important notice:

All applications

  • job applications
  • unsolicited applications
  • internship applications

must be submitted via Ferring / Syntese job portal Working at Ferring – Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Applications sent to  will not be forwarded and processed. They will be deleted to comply with the GDPR.

Under Working at Ferring – Ferring Pharmaceuticals you can see the jobs advertised across Syntese/ Ferring worldwide, and then apply for the one you think is best suited to your profile and ambitions. If you can not find a vacancy that suits your profile and you instead want to send an unsolicited application, you can upload your CV to the “Spontaneous Application position”. These applications  can be seen by all our recruitment consultants all over the world. Search for Jobrekvisition R0008076.

By applying online, we can guarantee the security of your personal data, which will result in your consent for Ferring to store this data for 12 months. If you need more information, please write to

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