Internal environment

Safety and job satisfaction

A healthy working environment – in every sense – is a top priority for us. We work hard to maintain this by training our staff, making sure there is good communication between employees and managers, excellent teamwork between departments and by offering a range of social activities.

Our safety organization conducts regular workplace evaluations and follow-ups.

We are proud to have a workplace where our employees feel safe in every respect. If you are a part of the Syntese family, chances are that you will want to stay and contribute to our growth for years to come. Most of our employees have been with us for many years, which means we are a close-knit company with high job satisfaction – probably because we all contribute value by doing exactly what each of us does best.

Syntese recognizes the need to control and improve health and safety performance and our efforts are proved in the occupational health and safety management systems’ certification  – DS/ISO 45001:2018.


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